The article entitled ‘Challenges in Developing a Safe Nanomedicine based on Ocotea Duckei Vattimo to Leishmaniasis Treatment: Methodology, Nanoparticle Development and Cytotoxicity Assays’ in the journalPharmaceutical Nanotechnology, 2014, 2, 101-114 is now open for all to view and access.images

Different studies have reported the promising pharmacological activities of yangambin, a lignan from Ocotea duckei Vattimo, mainly as an anti-leishmanial and antitumor compound. However, this lignan has demonstrated to be commonly isolated only as a mixture of diastereoisomers. In this regard, here it is described for the first time, the separation and quantification of yangambin diastereoisomers through HPLC-DAD. Additionally, it was assessed the loading of the Lignan Fraction (LF) from Ocotea duckei, rich in yangambin diastereoisomers, in a nanopharmaceutical formulation followed by the assessment of their effects on macrophage citotoxicity. 

courtesy by: Bentham Insight